Signs Your Transmission is Failing

There are many signs that suggest you need transmission service. As an important component that is needed to operate the vehicle, the transmission is one part that you not ignore when the signs of trouble say that there is a problem. Read below to learn more about the signs that it’s time for transmission repair and get into a professional as quickly as possible if you notice any of these signs.

Most common signs that it is time to replace the transmission in your Ford vehicle include:

·    Odd Noises: The transmission may have a slight noise but nothing out of the ordinary or loud. If you notice that the transmission is making loud noises, squeaking or squealing, there is likely trouble that needs to be repaired soon.

·    Leaking Transmission Fluid: Leaking transmission fluid is a big problem that you cannot ignore or you risk ruining the car. Take the car in for regular tune-up to minimize the risk of a leak.

ford powerstroke transmission

·    Slipping Transmission: If the vehicle transmission is slipping, you’ll notice that it has a jerking sensation in the steering wheel or the car when driving or changing gears. This is a sign that you have major transmission trouble and shouldn’t wait to call for service.

·    Warning Light: Look at the dashboard to determine if there is a problem. It has a lot to tell you if you pay attention. If the dashboard warning lights has lit up, it is alerting you to a problem.

Do you have a problem with the transmission? The signs above are some of the many that suggest that you do. Do not wait if it is time to talk to a professional about your ford powerstroke transmission and find out what your available repair options might be. Do not wait to schedule service until it is too late!