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Boat Features for Your Vessel

Your boat is a cherished treasure that should be protected and updated with features that increase its security and appearance as well as its value. You can make changes to your boat that lowers the amount of insurance you pay and increases your anti-theft system protection. Aside from marine audio systems to alert you of intruders with alarms, there are even more additions you can put on your vessel to make it safe and reduce the cost of your insurance. You’ll feel like you were on a luxury yacht with these affordable features.

marine audioluxury yacht

SOS Distress Light

A distress light will not boost your boat’s value, but it is handy if there is an emergency. SOS lights are an alternative to flares and are much less dangerous. When you take items on your boat, be sure to have gear that will protect you if there is an emergency. By adding safety items to your boat’s inventory, like an SOS distress light, your life can be saved if something unexpected occurs.

3D Scanner

Being able to scan the underwater surface for structures that may cause damage to your boat is a big plus to the safety of your vessel. You will be less likely to incur any crashes in your boat, saving you money and increasing the amount of discounts your insurance provides you with. Using a 3D scanner can expose the ocean beneath your vessel and add structural security to your property.

Tracking System for Vessels

The ability to monitor as well as track vessels in the water will prevent you from being the target of intruders on deck and break-ins. Boating insurance will also be enhanced, as it depends on the value of your boat. If your boating craft has anti-theft devices that lower the risk of an intruder, you will get discounted rates due to the safety of your boat. If you want to get more technological, there is always room for improving your system. You can even add further security measures, like sensors, to your boat.

Radio Beacon

Whenever you are travelling on the water, a radio beacon is necessary and should be used along with your vessel tracking system. These devices tend to be waterproof and are often retrievable if they happen to go over the side of the boat.

Updated Bilge Pump

While it may not add an aesthetic value to your boat, replacing the bilge pump will be a benefit when it comes to insurance. This is because the coverage for your boat is dependent on the vessel’s market value. By keeping your features updated, you can get a boost in the coverage of your insurance.

If you want any more ideas about how to enhance your boating vessel, you can get in touch with professionals that have explores the seas and know what you need to reduce the risk of theft and accidents while on the water. You may also want to get in touch with your insurance company to get information about how you can lower your rates.