A Spear That Collects More Hay Than Usual

Had the original spear been put to more productive use from the start, perhaps there would have been a lot less troubles in the world. No sooner had certain sectors of the world’s population discovered the ways of the gun, had they learnt how to gleefully wreak havoc across the earth. They also had the shipping lines to propel them across the heavy seas. And by the time they reached their new coastlines, hordes of hosts would be waiting in trepidation for what was coming.

double bale hay spear

And these would only be those who were prepared and had their spears on the ready. Never mind the poor souls that never saw it coming. Perhaps they were still that busy tilling their crops. Perhaps if more people did this back then there would be less troubles in the world. And more food for everyone to eat. Today still, farming is one of those big industries that the world simply cannot be without.

Your small scale smallholding farmers are just as important as the heavy industry players, perhaps even more so. Anyhow, whether working the lands manually or by machine, the double bale hay spear could help the smallholding farmer get a lot more tasks done. Not just one jagged edge, but how about two, no, make that three, even four jagged edges. Even more to spear up. All in the interest of increasing and improving productivity rates.

All in the interest of ensuring that at the end of the day, more food will reach more tables, more mouths will be fed. Tools should always be used to produce and help, not kill and maim. It is still happening, and readers may wonder whether it will ever just stop already, for once and for all.